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Should We Give Indie Games A Chance?

Should We Give Indie Games A Chance?

By on Aug 17, 2016 in New Information, Tournaments, Types Of Games |

Indie games usually start as a low budget experiment that as a final product don’t have much to offer in graphics and otherwise visual effects. What they focus in are storyline and fun gameplay. Most of these games are different than what we are used to seeing in the gaming industry, but some of them prove that a different approach is not as bad as it seems. Steam has a lot of independent games that you can but for a few bucks. Whether you should actually buy them or not is entirely up to you, but some of them are becoming more promising than other.


A different approach.

Some indie games look so repulsive in the way they look that no living gamer would ever even consider buying them. The point that we are missing is that these games have a great storyline to offer.

As game developers that release such games are aware of their low budget, they focus on other matters rather than just trying to make a game that looks good. They usually have poor graphics, but the way they are played makes them interesting and possibly worth buying. Games like Ori and the Blind Forest created by independent game developers have better graphics then the rest in the branch.

But they started as a low budget project that didn’t promise great visuals but instead focused on great gameplay and storyline. As they gain success indie games, usually upgrade their graphics and the way that they look.

Supporting Indi games.

Should we support these low budget game project? In many cases, indie games have much more to offer than some modern games. Modern games, having great graphics and looking visually stunning, are gradually losing the quality of a storyline and gameplay.

Indie game developers focus on more important things then just trying to make a game look awesome. Simple games that offer fun and excitement to players are becoming more popular, and if we support these projects by donating a few buck and buying them in their fists versions, we are directly changing gaming for the better.

If you don’t like what you see in modern games, do something about it and buy indie games that deserve your attention and money. Most of them don’t cost more than 5 dollars and donating that money to game developers by buying the game shows that you want to see more of that kind of games.


Investing in gaming future.

Not every indie game deserves your money as there are many projects that adds to the bad reputation indie games usually have.

Some indie games don’t deserve to be supported mainly because, despite the fact that they have nothing to offer visually, they are not so great in gameplay or storyline as well.

These game projects should be left to vanish by ignoring them and instead focusing our attention on the ones that matter and actually have something to offer. So choose wisely what indie project you support by buying them.

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